About Us

As a Church in a major city, we understand that life gets busy. We live in a world of commotion and chaos, and we so often are swept away by stress. At St David's Uniting Church we want to offer an alternative to the noise and stress life so often brings.

We are committed to a vision of a community where we uphold the ancient faith of Christianity, for modern day believers with modern day lives. Through our worship and communities we strive to live in authentic Christian spirituality, to hear the quite whisper of God amongst the chaos.

As a Uniting Church we have a strong emphasis on social justice, equality and righteousness. We seek to try and bring a touch of healing to our suffering world.

We want to invite you to join us on this journey as we travel together as pilgrims on the way. Together, each of us searching for the Peace of God in a hectic world.

Come and join us, and see where God might take you.