Baptism is one of the most important practices of the Church. To help you prepare for what baptism might mean for you, we offer pre-baptism lessons with the minister and an elder of the congregation. These classes are designed to help you explore the questions of faith, church, and spirituality that baptism raises. As well as equip you for the commitment that you make for yourself or your child in the moment of baptism.

In the Uniting Church baptism occurs during the usual Sunday service. While the UCA doesn't usually use Godparents in a baptism, arrangements can be made to include Godparents if they are also willing to attend the pre-baptismal lessons to learn what being a Godparent will mean. These lessons are required of everyone looking for a baptism.

Our minister Rev Janie French would be delighted to talk with you about baptism. Please call her on 0438 641 600 or send an email to